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Download Website Planner
Please download our "new website planner" to help you figure out what you may need in a website. This is in Word format. Then, you can use our simple website form below, or use the more complex form included. If you choose the Word document form, then complete and email it back to us at: tomw@designalot.com. Otherwise, fill out the below form.

Here are some helpful links if necessary for completion of the following form.

DomainSearch .

1 - New website domain names can be purchased at www.GoDaddy.com.
2 - Hosting can be purchased at www.DesignAlot.com.
3 - Free color themes/swatches for your layout at www.kuler.adobe.com
4 - Marketing services can be purchased at www.DesignAlot.com.

5 - Image search for graphics

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